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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The joy of being six: Happy Birthday Mia!

Last Saturday, was Mia's Birthday party. She wanted a "Fashion Show" party. At first, I thought, 'my, it's going to be a hard one' but in fact it ended up being quite easy.

First, I pulled out the big black board and thought it would be nice to have all our little guests drawing themselves as they arrived.

I hung a few white pompoms or "Pomflowers" above the table. These are any parties 's best friends! They instantly create such an interesting space that you don't need much more deco items. I love them. One word of advice though; don't put them together at the last minute. It takes a little while to "peel" off the layers of paper and you want to do this with calm hands. I bought mines at Pulp Creative Paper.

On the table, we had cupcakes, an old fashioned three-tiers cake,
and lollies of course.

The "Drink Me" labels were downloaded from this site: B.Nute Productions

But the big attraction was the Market tent set up in the garden. For a dramatic effect and to create a more intimate feel I had tied up ribbons and laces on a thin wire and hanged it up at the front.

Inside, (sadly, the tent being red, the light is terrible for taking picture.)I had set up a "change room" corner, with a mirror and some sheer curtains, laid some rugs on the floor, put all the little armchairs I could find and arranged two small tables; one for the make-up, the other for the hair and jewellery. All of Mia's dress-ups were hung onto a small rack, an old suitcase held all the accessories and all the bits of shiny fabric I had in stock were simply thrown into a wide basket.
It looked amazing!

And it was extremely lucky too because came 2.30, party time, and the sky split opened and down came the rain!

But despite the intensity of the tropical shower, the girls were inside the tent, dry and undisturbed, happily playing pass the parcel.

We put make-up, tiaras and dresses and posed for the camera.

It was the easiest party we've ever hosted!

Together with the sun, all our friends came to pick up their daughters. We all had a drink together on the deck while the girls put on a show. A fashion show. They were so proud to put it all together on their own that nobody was in a hurry for it to end.

Well done girls!

And well done little Mia for being such a good host.

Thank you everyone!!

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