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Louis was an unconditional fan of Buzz Lightyear, and everything about space, rockets and so on ... The trouble was, 8 years ago, there was hardly any toys or even books about space (Yeah, I know, hard to believe.)
This has changed -consequently- but there was still room for a cool, comfortable Space Rider costume.

SO ...

We flew over to the Moon and back ...

with comfy pants and tunic with zooming rockets and a cool starred helmet.

The cut is generous and easily adapts from a size 3 to 8.

Cool Screen Printed Rockets on both back and front of Pants.

 The Japara fabric (waxed cotton) gives the outfit a "crisp" look while remaining extra soft.

Space Rider Outfit
100% Japara Cotton
Tunic, Pants, Helmet
One size fits all (approx 3 to 8)

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