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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Christmas Angel

Ready or not, in one week we'll be jumping into December. We'll be soon busy-busier-looking after everybody's needs, wants and wishes ... To remind me to remain cheerful (eek, I forget sometimes!),I've made this decoupage Christmas Angel with the colours, illos, patterns and words I love.
I've hung it in my kitchen and every time I look at it, I think: "Yep, it's all going to be all right".

While I was doing this, the kids were busy making the spaghetti feathers as seen on Made.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas list -Part Two = Lego Minifigure Gift Boxes... Again!

For Louis, Christmas means pretty much one thing: LEGO. More Lego and Lego again. I must say, I'm quite excited myself when a new box arrives in our house; I enjoy helping him build the sets. But now, Louis has taken Lego to a new level by doing short animation movie. He now builds is own scenery but always needs more minifigures.

I bought this charming trio on ebay; cheaper and quicker than trying to figure out which one is in the packet (minifigure series packets). I know they are the ones he wanted, but it kind of loses it appeals without the original packaging.

So I started doodling, wondering how I could wrap them in a fun, attractive way.

Matchboxes(medium size) seemed to be the ideal companion to my (very basic) Lego doodles. it was just a matter of cutting to size and varnish (Mod Podge). You would have noticed, I cut a bit short on one; I've decided to ignore it!

Inside, I crunched up some black tissue paper.
Et Voila!
I think it still looks cool!

Since Louis is keen on customising his own minifigure characters, I have another surprise for him: 

A book telling you all about Minifugures and how to design your own. I have had trouble getting here in Australia, but I've managed to order it from Amazon US(they do ship books internationally, shame they don't do the same for toys!)

Monday, 5 November 2012

Christmas list - Part One = The Furby Bag ... Oh dear.

This week-end my children have put together their Christmas wish lists ... Although I can't say I'm surprised, I had somehow hoped it might have changed along the way. It didn't.
For Mia it looked a lot like this:

or this:

She is crazy about the odd (and well, let's be honest, rather ugly) animal. She would be devastated if Santa wasn't bringing one. I could imagine her walking around everywhere with the hybrid Owl/Mogwai/Chicken and then I knew what I had to do!

A Furby Carry Bag! Heart-shaped and monogrammed.

Lined with neon stars,
and detailed with neon hearts.

And because you can apparently "teach" your Furby, I thought I'd better put together a few rewards and what's best than lovely, interchangeable rosettes!

They're easy and fun to make. Variation = endless!
Perhaps an evening Rosette for special occasions? In the making. I'm thinking maybe a headband?

I have sewn a small velcro tab on the front of the bag, as well as on the back of each Rosette.

So she'll be able to change as she pleases.

And to keep the spare ones safe, I made a cute little pouch.
I have had my sewing machine for 12 years (Janome Memory Craft 3500) and somehow I've hardly use all the fun stitches it's packed with. This was the perfect project to play around. I love the combo neon pink/canvas.

Et Voila!

I think that now, I can handle the thought of Furby! But mostly I know that Mia will LOVE it.
If you need a tutorial on how to make a heart shaped bag click here.