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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas list -Part Two = Lego Minifigure Gift Boxes... Again!

For Louis, Christmas means pretty much one thing: LEGO. More Lego and Lego again. I must say, I'm quite excited myself when a new box arrives in our house; I enjoy helping him build the sets. But now, Louis has taken Lego to a new level by doing short animation movie. He now builds is own scenery but always needs more minifigures.

I bought this charming trio on ebay; cheaper and quicker than trying to figure out which one is in the packet (minifigure series packets). I know they are the ones he wanted, but it kind of loses it appeals without the original packaging.

So I started doodling, wondering how I could wrap them in a fun, attractive way.

Matchboxes(medium size) seemed to be the ideal companion to my (very basic) Lego doodles. it was just a matter of cutting to size and varnish (Mod Podge). You would have noticed, I cut a bit short on one; I've decided to ignore it!

Inside, I crunched up some black tissue paper.
Et Voila!
I think it still looks cool!

Since Louis is keen on customising his own minifigure characters, I have another surprise for him: 

A book telling you all about Minifugures and how to design your own. I have had trouble getting here in Australia, but I've managed to order it from Amazon US(they do ship books internationally, shame they don't do the same for toys!)

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