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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Spring Clean: Sewing Studio Tour

Spring is here, finally. Spring means fresh everything, new beginnings. It's hard not to look around the house and wanting everything to suddenly, miraculously, spruce up!
One  room in particular was looking all doom and gloom after being ignored most of winter: my sewing room. So I pulled up my sleeves and tackle the huge job of sorting everything; overflowing drawers, piles of fabrics, craft supplies and so on.
Now I wish I could post glamourous pictures like these:

But like most of you I'm sure, there was never a designated space in the house for my sewing. I had to make it happen ... in the garage. So no luminous room with white floorboards for me, but rather a dark an univiting space.
But, it is way better than having to use the kitchen table I say. So, although I dream of pretty rooms, I 
am very grateful to have my own space. In the garage. So don't be deterred if at first a space doesn't 
seem ideal, there are plenty of ideas out there that can help you organise it and make it special.
For me it's all happening here:

and here for the kids:

Because this room doubles as a guest bedroom, I have the luxury to have a double bed in
my sewing studio. 
I use to put it away once our guests had left but I like it as a permanent feature now. It's great
to have a snooze or cuddle area here. The kids love to come in with their books. The dog loves
it too! And if I work very late on a big project I can just crash here, without waking up anyone.


A cut out plastic bottle+washi tape.


I have chosen the pegboard option to sort my spools.


I also love my vintage suitcases; they're great for storage. They are due for a revamp, they are on my to do list, but it won't happen right away. (Click here if you want to check on my last suitcases' revamp.)

I hope you will have find some inspiration. All the pictures are sourced from my Work Shop Board on Pinterest. Just click here for plenty more great ideas.

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