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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

An enchanting visit at the QVB ...

On Sunday it was my father in law's birthday. We all met in the city and now that we have discovered the $ 2.50 Family Funday Sunday excursion pass, we left the car at home and took the Ferry. This pass allows you to travel all day, by bus, train, ferry and only costs $2.50/person.
After the restaurant we all headed to the QVB top floor for a nice coffee and this is what happened ...

 I couldn't resist posting this ...
Window Display, Just White, QVB, Sydney

The picture is not great (taken with my phone and kind of hastily) but how CUTE is this! LOVE it! This is only a small portion of the window display at Just White, located on the top level of the QVB, Sydney.
This is well and truly a magic toy shop. Dainty, retro, everything is beautiful and so well displayed that it is well worth stepping in. Expensive of course, but if you're in search of that one special present, you are in the right place.

Little Voice Shop, QVB, Sydney. Photo source: Wordpress

 Opposite Just White is another whimsical store: Little Voice. A different style, not quite mine, but again a fantastic window and shop display, very very attractive for little girls. So precious! They have fantastic Tutus (almost too pretty to be worn) but my favourite items were The  En Gry & Sif felt houses.

By then, Mia was very excited. The good thing was, it looked so much like a fairy tale that she forgot these places were actually shops and didn't beg us to buy anything! Just little girl wishes! Pure pleasure!
Now, Mia was not the only one having a good time. The boys headed to Hobbyco. Another fantastic window shop with  a huge model railroad on display. It caters for everyone but it's definitely one for the boys; big and small!
There was also a nice stationery and cards shop and one for dogs lovers too. We enjoyed a fantastic coffee, bathed in a quiet, indulgent atmosphere. Nice change!

What a good Sunday...

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