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Friday, 19 August 2011

Fabric run ... at the Remnant Warehouse

It's a rush ...

Occasionally, I drive to Alexandria to the Remnant Warehouse on Botany road. From the outside, the shop is not inviting but once you are in, it is very hard to get out! Be prepared to be overwhelmed! There are so many BEAUTIFUL fabrics to choose from! They have a great selection of Amy Butler and oh, so many others!

 It took me ages to choose, but here is my selection ...

There is no special reason for this selection, it just happened ...  Playful, warm, and a tad retro ...

I can see cute retro two-tiered skirts for Mia with the green Japanese print ...

Orange, Polka dots ... I don't even have to think to know I'll be using every bits of these two cheerful fabrics. They will work with everything ... for everything.

  Eyes candy Fat Quarters ...

from Amy Butler.

And if you go to the Remnant Warehouse on Fridays, you get the"buy one get one free" Fat quarters deal! So I got these four gorgeous pieces for $12.

And because it was an awful cold, grey, rainy day, I bought some sunshine for ... $2. Yes, for both.

and four buttons to go with ... just because.

By then I was on a roll ... this I think will be for Mia's babydoll.

It took me almost two hours, but I'm happy with my bag of goodies!

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