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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Simple Christmas.

photo source Pinterest.

No matter how organised, relaxed and optimist you are, December often means one thing: Christmas.
It's hard not to fill the crunch. I've avoided as much as I could the crowded malls and emptied the letter box from all the junk mail (=Christmas catalogues) before it even reach our front door. A lot of the presents were handmade, simple but well targeted. I was so much into my sewing that I hardly took apictures! A sacrilege in blog world I know.

We headed of to our cherished South Coast and  aimed to have a simple and lovely Christmas.
The first stop was the Christmas tree farm, where we spent a good hour choosing our tree,

enjoying the first vibes of the summer break.

We made salt dough ornaments,

and even a gingerbread house.

Nothing too stylish or elaborate, because this year I wanted to focus on what Christmas feels like rather than what Christmas looks like.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with a delicious supper under the stars

And a Divine Pomegranate Pavlova made by my sister in law.

Santa came when all were asleep.

And all were happy to discover their presents in the morning.

Amongst them were the Princess and the Pea set,

the "army" tent

It was a lovely Christmas, full of the good stuff.

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