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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Time to cosy up ...

While some of us are welcoming the first vibes of spring, here in Sydney we're slowly getting ourselves ready to the idea that soon, we'll be longing for flannelette, bedsocks and pumpkin soup.... There is still time that is true, but as the nights get cooler, new cosy pyjamas seemed to be right on time. So ... 

Let me present you;

Camay style prints (flannelette fabric from Spotlight) and grey cotton T, (from Target)

with knee pads for extra cosiness, and a yellow thread for a little bit of sunshine.

Mia spends a lot of time on her knees while she plays with all her tiny weeny characters so knee pads really mean extra comfort for her. 
Very simple to make: 2 oval shapes (4 in total) sewn together with right sides together, (don't forget to leave an opening to turn it inside out) top-stitch all around and across (this is optional, but I like the extra texture). It is easier to apply before sewing together the back and front panels of the pants, but providing you have a relatively wide legs cut, you can decide to knee-pad or not once your pants is completed.
Position the top of the knee-pad just below the knee. (When you sit, or kneel, or crouch, pants go up, so you want the pads to sit at the right place.)
Note:  don't limit yourself  to an oval shape, you could have knee pads stars, hearts, squares, flowers and so on ... (for a full tute, click here.)

And a big soft heart. 

For the applique I have used some of that Heat n' Bond paper type but instead of buying the expensive pre-packaged stuff I got a piece cut at the counter. The top-stitches here are for aesthetic purpose only. 

Cute and comfortable,

for growing legs,

(I like a bit of flare and broad seams around the ankles.) 

and funny faces!

And while I had my pattern out (drafted around an old pair of pants= turn old pair inside out, tuck one leg inside the other and draw around, then flip and draw around other side: you should have two different types of crotches; deeper for the back, shorter for the front ), I decided to go for extra cosy and extra crazy with a multicoloured fleece!

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