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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Turning blue for Halloween .... A short witch story.

It all started with a little ghost meringue on my coffee ... "Don't forget," he said, "that today is Halloween, and prepare you must be, for the Mighty Blue Witch is coming ...".

Little ghostly Lollipops shrieked in fright ... "HOOooooooo HOOooooo" they went on and on,

Until finally, the Mighty Blue Witch arrived. She made them stop, with just a blink of an eye!
She sure looked mighty in her blue outfit,
and matching blue eyes.
"Time to join forces!", she declared. She spun once, and then twice and the Orange Witch appeared in a trice!
She summoned two more ghouls, to help her collect lollies, treats, and the rest.
And once she had enough of them all, she made them disappeared and went back home to rest.

The End.

Unlike last year big effort, I didn't spend hours crafting a new costume. And it was just as well because sometimes, cheap and quick is just what is needed to please. So we put what we already had together, added a few touches here and there, and invested in a new hat, complete with moon, star and hair. ($4 at Coles). I guess, it's a bit like cubby houses; sometimes the ones you made out of cardboard are just as satisfying as the double-decked tree house dad has spent the whole summer to build.

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