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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The 10 mns Christmas Stocking

Time is a tricky friend, isn't it? I'm quite ready to believe someone is actually making the clock ticking faster comes December. So much to do, so much to do, and really no time to panic ... or start any lengthy projects.
We need easy, fast, effective.
So, here is a quick tutorial on the most easy, fast and cute looking Christmas Stocking you'll ever make.

Make one, make twenty; they are made in a flash with no tricky parts.

All you need is fabric and twine.

I've found this lovely fabric on the market for $2 a metre. The beautiful neon pink twine is from Pulp. The colours are perfect match to my Christmas Angel and the Spaghetti feathers the kids have made.
You can check them out here.
(For a maximum Woa effect, choose a fabric that compliment the rest of your Christmas theme.)

For template, I've used one of the stockings I bought last year from Typo.(I was disappointed they did not make any this year).
I'm sure you all have an old stocking somewhere you can use as a guide, and if ever you don't, why don't you try drawing it yourself? It's real easy; just make sure to put a bit of curve on the sole and above the heel.
This stocking is only about 30 cm tall x about 15 cm wide. It's only intended for small treats and will be given to all my guests at Christmas. But regardless of the size this is how to:

With fabric folded in two, trace and cut around template. You should have two pieces looking like this.
If you are making more than one, I'd suggest you do all of your cutting first, then move onto the sewing part.

Flip the pieces over (wrong side facing) and press a small dart (2.1/2") on each inside top corner. (On the heel side of the boot. The Typo Stocking has it's tie poking out at the front=toe side, I prefer having it hanging from the back=heel side.

With right sides together, start stitching just below the dart and all around the boot, leaving the top raw edge open.

Zig zag stitch or overlock top edge. (Do not stitch sides together or "close" the boot, just stitch all along top edge. Obvious for most, but just in case.)

Fold and press a small gutter (about 3/4 ") and stitch just above the overlocking (or zigzag) stitch line.

Time to turn stocking inside out and thread twine through the gutter, leaving enough out to knot and hang.
Et voila! All Done!
Super easy, super fast!

Since these are not intended for retail, I didn't bother overlocking the whole thing or make a proper hem at the top. I did try however to make name tags; with Hessian (Burlap) and felt.

But I wasn't so keen on the final result and since it (considerably) lengthen the execution, I gave up, enjoying the look of the"bare"stockings.
I let you be the judge.



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