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Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Christmas Paper Birds

I have noticed, scrolling down my pins on Pinterest, that this year, birds are really the it things. Unless it's just me that has developed a sudden obsession ... Anyhoo, it seemed natural to make a few for the Christmas tree ...  and around the house.

They multiply fast and are easy to make.

What you'll need:

- Scissor
- X-acto knife (blade/hobby knife)
- Small punch hole (optional; this is just to make a neat hole for the tie)
- Paintbrush
- Mod Podge (or mix of  50%PVA glue and 50% water)
- Lots of pretty papers, double sided ones for the wings and tails
- Twine or string for the ties

Start with the body. The shape is pretty simple. If your not confident in your drawing skills, check in  children books or simply image google for bird template.

Use template to trace and cut out cardboard.

Use your cardboard bird shape as a template to cut out paper. Cut 2 for each bird. Flip the cardboard template to make sure you have both sides of the bird.

Apply PVA mix (or Mod Podge) on both the cardboard shape and the paper one and stick them together.

Let dry, repeat on other side.

Once both sides are dry, apply a layer on top. Put it aside and let it dry.

Now for the wings and tails.
It works best with a strong, double sided paper (colours on both sides)

For the wings, cut a square. For the size of my bird, (approx 3"x 2")I cut a 5"x 5".
For the tail, cut a rectangle. I cut a 6 "1/2 x 2"3/4.

Fold each piece on itself in  a "accordeon"(like a fan) way.

Trim both ends, in a pointy shape for the wings (the square). For the tail, do the same but nip the pointy end.

Left: pointy for the wings. Right: roundish for the tail.

Don't restrict to plain paper for the wings and tails. (But remember that the back will show just as much as the front.)

Fold each piece in half. Fold them back flat (So you can slide them in the openings you'll be making in the next step.)

Using an X-acto knife, carefully cut two openings. It should be just wide enough for you to slide in the wings and tails. Be careful not to cut too wide as the fit must tight to keep wings and tail in position.

Slide wings and tail through opening and open up. Glue or staple together the tail but keep wings opened.

Punch a small hole on top on the bird back and add string.

Et voila!

Hang them in the tree,

in the garden,

Pulp Creation


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