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Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Our street has never been great for Halloween, too much traffic, not enough children or playful spirits around ... Some argue it is an American tradition (Irish I think  to start with) and therefore shouldn't be celebrated here in Australia. I think it's too much of good occasion to dress up and quite frankly, the children simply love it. Why missing out on a great time and later on on great memories? So we ignore our sad street and walked to the next block where Halloween is celebrated for all the good reasons;  neighbours chat and share a drink, children excitedly fill up their bag one lolly at a the time with lots of smiles and thank you. The way it should be.

If I don't go to great extents to decorate the house, I make sure I have a little surprise in store.

And of course we dress up.
Mia wanted to be an owl this year. I wasn't going to argue; inspired by  great pics from My Owl Barn, (you should visit, the calendar is printable and free!)

 I knew just what to do.

 It started with many layers, a simple draw-string dress, a pair of wings,

and of course, a mask.

She might not have been the scariest,

but she sure was pretty!

Louis was scary for both of them anyway!


"I really don't get how you fly with these wings!"

Happy Halloween!

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