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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Week end project : Long Chairs Quick Revamp

This year, we are working hard on the garden. We love tropical gardens and since our trip to Bali we are longing for palms and bamboos, lush greens and vibrant colours.

We are still a long way from a tropical retreat, so while the plants are growing, I thought I'd add instant colour with a long overdue long chairs revamp.

The existing canvas was still in good condition, just stained and quite boring. So I simply stitched over the right side.

We also had this "Thomas the Tank" long chair found at a garage sale. It was time to say goodbye to the smiling engine too.

The chairs could have done with some sanding and oiling but sometimes you need a project to happen fast. I would have had simply no time to do it all. So I settled for new covers only and I'm glad I did! The job was done in a couple of hours and the chairs look great in the garden!

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