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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Old Fashion Fair ... with circus flair.

Last Sunday was the Brookvale Oval fair. Antoine used to go as a kid and was keen on reviving his cherish memories. So off we went with his parents and sister.
I was so pleasantly surprised to find this:

A Circus Playground!

 Mia was just as thrilled as I was!

Walking sticks, tight rope, juggling, Hula Hoops ...

You could try everything for free. 

 There were clowns,

and "Robert Bubbleman" with a fantastic Bubble Show.

Of course, there were also rides and jumping castles, animals, a band and an ecstatic crowd ...

You've got to love these crowd shots ...

We concluded the day with the inevitable poney ride. We actually took turn queuing up for this and after a good 40 mimutes, it was finally Mia's turn.

And as always, she loooved it!

Sitting in line in memory lane ... 30 years ago, guess who was riding the poney...

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