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Monday, 17 October 2011

The Princess and the pea.

If you have checked my boards on Pinterest, you know that I am obssessed with the Princess and the pea tale. Here some of the things I've pinned.
(If you want to see them all click here.)

All these layers of matresses are just an invitation for colours, fabric, and a mix-match of prints. How stimulating! I have been dying to make my own version of the Princess and the pea for a while now. But the question was: "Where to put?" We've got all the beds we need at home. So the idea stayed in the back drawer of my mind, the one labelled: One day, until this drawer was suddenly pulled opened when Antoine and I recently had the chance to purchase an old wooden wagon.
(Pics to come soon)
There is quite a lot of work to be done before thinking about the bedding. Still, the idea stayed with me this time and inspired as I was I needed to somehow, translate the idea.  So until I make my own "mattresses spectacular", I did this with Christmas in mind and I love it!

Princess and the pea of course.

with ten mattresses, 

All different,

 All pretty,

For one true Princess,

or maybe two ...

With pretty linen (remember the vintage pillowcases from the September challenge ...)

and a simple skirt ...

 A mini dresser, (See October finds in Op shop label or click here)

to match it all ...

Good night Princess ...

This cute set will be given together with the book. I've chosen this edition from Lauren Child:

Because it reminds me of the Princesses Mia draws,

A very cute Christmas present, cheap, easy and so fun to make ... my dad is talking about making a small four posters bed. Yipee!

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