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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

After school Dress

Here's what I have made with some of the fabric bought during my last visit at the Remnant Warehouse. Remember my Amy Butler fat quarters? There was just enough to make a dress for Mia.

Because of the yummy colours, I had in mind to call it the Candy Dress.

But I must have been distracted that sewing day (that happens) because I got the proportions kind of wrong. It was way too wide. I wanted it to be wide with a full skirt but it was simply too much. And as much as I hate doing this, I had to "tinker" to make it wearable. That's why it became the After School Dress because I think we'll keep this one mainly at home.

 It suits well the after school knees anyway ...

And after being all day in a uniform, it is a welcome splash of colours.

The shape works now and gives the retro style I was after.

 And although it is not perfect, Mia loves it. 

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