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Friday, 16 September 2011

OOPI Christmas Stocking crisis !

For years now I have been sewing these fun Christmas stockings. It's a pity I didn't think of taking pictures at the time because since I don't like sewing twice the same thing, it would have make an impressive photos gallery. Anyway, these Christmas Stockings sell very well at markets.

Could this be the very last OOPI Christmas Stocking?

So, with the school market approaching, I sat behind my sewing machine with the idea to  make a new series but as soon as I started, I wanted it to be finished! I thought it might change as I progressed, but no. Once I had finished this one, I really didn't feel like making more.
I guess you can only sew so much of a same project, even if the style is different each time.

Is it the end of the OOPI Christmas Stockings?

 I still like them a lot ... This one calls for chocolates and all sorts of goodies ... 

I bought the little skipping girl patch a few years ago at the Craft and Needles show in Sydney. Sadly I can't remember the name of lady/company I bought it from. She had a scrap/sample basket with all sorts of bits and pieces and I picked a couple of those.

I find it works very well here ... Maybe I should get my Gocco screen printing equipment out of the drawer and do a few new designs of my own ... Maybe this will
save the OOPI Christmas Stockings from extinction!

Well, I still have a -very- few in stock.
As usual, if you're
interested in purchasing, contact me at:
OOPI Christmas Stockings $25

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