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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

An OOPI kind of Christmas ... Dreamy toys continued...

I am really enjoying my "No stress, Non Christmas Shopping! It just seems to happen by itself! Even when I'm doing my grocery shopping at Coles!

Innocently looking for an extension cord, I ventured  the other day in a aisle I don't often visit in the supermarket: electric supplies on one side, office needs and knick-knacks for kids on the other. Although I completely ignored all the Dora', Ben 10, etc... toys shelves, my eyes got caught by this:

Neh, I first thought ... (Although it did bring back dear memories of my childhood) Anyway, since the lid was missing I had a look inside and was quite surprised ...

Out of the 120 pieces, not all were fantastic but some were actually pretty good:

All the Chooks, Roosters, Ducks, Turkeys ...

The farm Cats ...

The Rabbits ...

 And more ducks!

In fact, they are very cute, and come in triple or quadruple and can actually stand without falling every two seconds ... So for $10, ($8 actually because the lid was missing) I bought the bucket of farm animals ... and just like that, Mia's Christmas presents' list only got better ...
I didn't care about the missing lid because the plastic bucket was ugly anyway. These little animals needed a nicer container so ....

 I made a little carry pouch.

I recycled a label from one of Louis' old baby t-shirt, 
to make the new chooks'house somewhat more official ...

I lined the inside with bright, cheerful, spots to keep everyone happy,

 et voila!

I think I will add a couple of nicer horses (the ones in the bucket are nearly smaller than the roosters) because Mia just LOVES horses.

... while I love cats.

Now, inspired by my find, I had in mind to make a playmat, with a pond  etc  ... and it might still happened, BUT being on my lucky "No stress Non Christmas Shopping", a few days later, I came across this:

 I only looked because it was on the clearance table (ELC Belrose Supa Centre). Then I walked away ... but I kept thinking about it.

So I went back and look again.

Humm ... Chooks could live happily here .... and so could everyone else.

Could a great Christmas present be that easy to pick? Could it even be half price?

Well, yes!

ELC Cobblestone Farm $47 while stock lasts
But I reckon it could do with an extra pond! 

And you know what?
I bet Mia won't be the only one playing with it.

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