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Monday, 12 September 2011

Market, Merguez and Birds of Paradise

Sunday was blessed with sun after all and everyone was out and about. The Frenchs Forest Organic Market was crowded and more than ever it was a feast for the mouth and the eyes.

Between the flowers and the vegetables,

I'm not sure which ones are the prettiest ...


Or flowers?

I let you decide.

I'm not sure what pleased my eyes the most, but I can tell you what made my mouth very very happy!


Now, I'm not a sausage person. But these are no ordinary sausages! The Komlaba Merguez are ridiculously delicious! Merguez are spicy sausages originated from South of France/North Africa: I don't handle spicy very well so i was a bit wary of sampling but incredibly these don't burn your mouth, they just burst with flavours! You can actually taste the spices, not choke on them! I LOVE them!
You can visit the Kombala website for recipes and orders but I reckon they are perfect just thrown on the barbecue.

I bought a kilo and put it in the freezer where it will stay

until our first spring barbecue.

And because I could already picture myself enjoying eating out in the garden again, I bought a few plants at a very reasonnable price;$42 for the lot.

Hopefully, they'll soon give us stunning flowers like this.

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