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Sunday, 11 September 2011

September Finds ...

Clever or Clutter?

There is nothing like a tour of the local "Op Shops" for a bit of excitement. I just love it. You can never predict what you will find but very rarely do I come back home empty handed. For sewing, these shops are endless suppliers of vintage fabrics and refashion possibilities ...

Now, it is one things to collect stuff with ideas in mind, another to actually translate these ideas into completed projects ... and not clutter.So I have decided to share here what I buy during my monthly, (some time quarterly) "Op shopping" outings and show how and if, I have used them.

Challenge is on!

The messenger Bag

Now this is an easy one. Not much work needed and not too much thinking required either. This will be a great present for Louis. It's the perfect size to carry around his abundant collection of Nerf Bullets.

It's in perfect condition.

With cute mini flags like details on the side. All I need to do is add a few finishing
touches. Too easy.

The bright towel

I fell in love with it immediately. The bright colours, the retro feel ... It is incredibly thick too.

 Fantastic quality ... But it doesn't match any of the towels
 I've got home. So I'm thinking this towel is destined for better things ...

I'm looking at it and I'm seeing this summer new beach bag with a big funky fabric
 pocket on the front ... a spa wrap could be a good idea too.

The stripey quilt cover

 Now, I'm not usually a big fan of these kind of stripes - not for bed linen anyway- but again, the quality is fantastic, very very nice cotton. It is very boyish so whichever project I decide on, I know it will be for them.

More stripes on the inside ...

This represents a huge amount of fabric so it will be used for large projects. Could this be a tent ?
This is the most challenging item so far because I know that if I don't use it, it will clutter my already over crowded fabric shelves ...

Vintage Pillowcases

Although they are damaged, lots of tiny holes, I was most happy to find these two vintage pillowcases, because I love ruffles but I hate making them! 

and these are definitely re-usable.

Simply stunning.

Discovering the monogram "M" was an added bonus.
Mia is a lucky girl.

The placemat

Cute print, beautiful cotton ...

I only wish there was more than one. Still there enough fabric to make a little something ...

The spotty pillowcase.

Bright, cheerful ... colourful spots are always welcome on my shelves, especially when they're hosted by a deep chocolate brown. Yum!

Total tally for my September finds:

Keep an eye in the sewing section to see what I'll come up with.

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