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Monday, 19 September 2011

September Op Shopping Challenge: Item 2: The Terry Towel

I was feeling a little dull this morning. I needed to work on something bright and stimulating. Then I remembered the red and pink towel from my September finds. It was exactly  the project I needed.

Goodbye dullness, Hello sunshine!

OOPI bright Reversible Terry Towel Beach Bag
  A comfy beach bag with a terry towel side to rest your head against while lazily lying on that dreamy, exotic white sand ... Alternatively it works very well too at the local public pool.

 with an oilcloth inside for all the wet stuff:

And best of all it's reversible, so you have two bags in one.

Reversible Oilcloth Beach Bag with a big front pocket

Pairing terry Towel with Oilcloth has given the bag enough stiffness to stay up and opened; always a plus for a tote.

Now, this would make a nice Christmas present for someone I know ... I'd just need to add a little oilcloth zippy pouch for all the bits and pieces ... Et Voila; another Op Shop item revisited!

Tell me what you think and keep an eye for the Reversible Terry Towel Tutorial. Coming soon!

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